A memorial archive of the culture of the old HELLFIRE CLUB years
`Click here for a VERY special event to honor the memory Lenny Waller of the Hellfire Club
The purpose of the LENNY WALLER MEMORIAL PROJECT is to create a foundation that will work to save and preserve the memory of Lenny Waller, a man who worked hard to serve the S&M , Fetish, and Leather communities of New York City. We want to save the history and culture of the Bondage and Fetish communities that flourished in the many neighborhoods of New York City, from Tribeca to the Bronx,from Brooklyn to the Meat packing district from the 70's to 2000. To make possible lenny's wish to save the true, real history of the fetish and S&M club scene that he worked in, and the clubs and organizations that grew from it and served it.

We wish to honor Lenny's legacy by saving the culture that he worked so hard to serve and protect, to gather our history before it fades away, and to save it for future generations to come.
To accept contributions of cultural and historical value from all those who knew him, played with him, and who shared a common interest in the fetish culture of his time, and to donate these item to museums and libraries everywhere that show a genuine interest in saving, preserving, and educating others in the S&M, leather, and fetish cultures.

We wish to save his life's work so that others may be inspired by his generosity and selfless hard work to reach out to all, across all boundaries and genders, and to bring together those souls who shared a similar path and to celebrate our lives and our loves, without fear, without judgment, without prejudice.

Let us save the history and culture that he was such a wonderful part of. Help us to accept contributions from members of that community; books, magazines, letters, papers, artwork, flyers, and ephemera. To gather the stories, and words of the people who worked with and knew Lenny Waller.
Please contact us by clicking below if you wish to help or contribute.
This is an important project to keep the culture we love
so much from being thrown away and lost forever.

Help save the History

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a VERY special event to honor the memory of Lenny Waller of the Hellfire Club

August is a BIG month at the Den of Iniquity in LA! We finish of the month with a BANG, with Mistress Tara's annual Birthday Party and slave Olympics. But this year is VERY special, as it is to honor the memory of Her dearly departed friend, Lenny Waller of the Hellfire Club in New York City, in the old Meat Packing District, and will be a benefit for the Lenny Waller memorial foundation:
The party will kick off Friday, August 26th @9 PM Admission:
40 at the door, 35 in advance for single men and includes 5 minutes of public play with the Mistress, sub or switch of your choice or 25 at the door and 20 in advance for single men Couples 60 and includes 5 minutes of public play with the Mistress, sub or switch of your choice or 40 for couples
Single Ladies 5
Dressed Pro-dommes - FREE! But be ready to PLAY!
for more info call 213.623.1520 e-mail:
Mistress Tara will be auditioning slaves for Her personal stable, through a series 8 of grueling Olympic Events!
11 Mistresses minimum will be in attendance and available for both public play and private sessions. tickets for public play are 20 for 5 minutes. There is a 15 minute minimum on the rooms, and private session are available all night. Pre-paid session gain you free admission.

Mistresses in attendance are:
Tara Indiana
Cybill B. Troy
Aves Emmanuel
Goddess Helena
Mei Sin
Goddess Zeta
Erin Swift
Mistress Valencia
Mistress Eva
Shae Flanigan and
Goddess Storm

Pro-Dommes come steal Our slaves! You are welcome to session with them this night! or bring your own and do a dungeon rental for only 50 subject to room availability!

Prizes for Olympics winners:
1st Prize: Dinner, a session & a custom Video with Head Mistress Tara Indiana 2nd Prize: Dinner and a session w/Mistress Tara 3rd Prize: Dinner w/Mistress Tara
Prizes 1 & 2 can be swapped for a 1 hour or 1/2 session with the Mistress of your choice the night of the party.

We will be premiering Cybill Troy's second film with Us "The Crying Game: The World First Forced Sex Change Operation" Mandatory Attire will be: Fetish, Goth, Evening Wear, Fantasy Costume or all black. No jeans, T-Shirts or sneakers. You will be turned away! Limit of 125 people so advanced tickets strongly suggested.

If you'd like to gift Mistress Tara on Her birthday here Amazon wish list is here

This event is sponsored by the Stockroom,
To find out more about Olympic events, how to sign up for them, about the different performers and performances of the evening and how to get an advanced ticket visit Our web site at:
or call call 213.623.1520 for the address and directions

See you there!

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Lenny Waller Memorial Video

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