Lenny Waller
A life Underground
This is an original book detailing the history of Legendary clubs and cultures that flourished and grew in the old decaying meatpacking district of New York City from the late 70's till its demise due to skyrocketing rents in early 2000. Lenny Waller was the manager of some of the most popular clubs in the district, such as the infamous HELLFIRE club, The VAULT, and the gay mens club, MANHOLE.
Using original photographs, magazines, personal awards and flyers from the Lenny Waller archive and Photographs from the Hellfire Press Archive, I have written an illustrated history of the vanished club scene, the street life and the queer and fetish events that made the meatpacking district a mecca for the leather, kink, and fetish crowd. Once vibrant and alive with kink, escalating rents have erased all of the clubs, bars, and restaurants that served the denizens of these cultures.

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A selection of pages and images taken from "Lenny Waller: a life underground"

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