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Ex-porn star and prostitute Annie Sprinkle does her renowned performance onstage in the late 80's in New York City:


Sprinkle is most famous for her performance of displaying her cervix to audiences, called the "Public Cervix Announcement"! In this show she documents her transformation from ugly duckling to prostitute to porn queen to sexual healer, activist, and educator. She preforms wonderful erotic acts on stage; a cleansing ritual to rid her of her 100 worst sexual experiences, peeing in a toilet on stage, Inserting a spectulum, posing for photos, and finishes with "The Legend of the Ancient Sacred Prostitute", in which she did a "sex magic" masturbation ritual on stage.

She received a BFA in photography from the School of Visual Arts in 1986. And she is the first porn star known to have earned a Ph.D., Sprinkle received her doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. She has appeared in over 200 films, ranging from pornography, B movies, to numerous documentaries, and four HBO Real Sex programs. She has produced, directed, and starred in several of her own films, such as Annie Sprinkle's Herstory of Porn. Her work in these films has earned her a spot on the Adult Star Path of Fame in Edison, New Jersey.


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photos of Annie Sprinkle, from real life!

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