I found this book in a dumpster off Bleeker street, and it is a miracle it has survived. A lost document that shows the SECOND GAY PRIDE MARCH in 1970!
What a crowd! Must be a couple of hundred people.

See anyone you know?


Gay Pride 1970-cover
Gay Pride 1970-cover.jpg
02Gay Pride 1970-2 03Gay Pride 1970-3 04Gay Pride 1970-4
02Gay Pride 1970-2.jpg 03Gay Pride 1970-3.jpg 04Gay Pride 1970-4.jpg
05Gay Pride 1970-5 06Gay Pride 1970-6 07Gay Pride 1970-7
05Gay Pride 1970-5.jpg 06Gay Pride 1970-6.jpg 07Gay Pride 1970-7.jpg
08Gay Pride 1970-8 09Gay Pride 1970-9 10Gay Pride 1970-10
08Gay Pride 1970-8.jpg 09Gay Pride 1970-9.jpg 10Gay Pride 1970-10.jpg
11Gay Pride 1970-11 12Gay Pride 1970-12 13Gay Pride 1970-13
11Gay Pride 1970-11.jpg 12Gay Pride 1970-12.jpg 13Gay Pride 1970-13.jpg
14Gay Pride 1970-14 15Gay Pride 1970-15 16Gay Pride 1970-16
14Gay Pride 1970-14.jpg 15Gay Pride 1970-15.jpg 16Gay Pride 1970-16.jpg
17Gay Pride 1970-back cover  
17Gay Pride 1970-back cover.jpg